Sunday, July 15, 2007

Inspection day

I have one day left to finish up all my odds and ends for tomorrows round of inspections. This has been a very long and sometimes hair pulling experience. I have spent several months preparing this kitchen for operation. And am now nervous as it all comes to an end. I am also extremely excited to get going with this new kitchen. There are still a few pieces of equipment to buy, but the necessary basics are all on hand.

My wife and children will be happy too, as I will no longer take over our house to get things done. It has been difficult these last few months prepping at home for the parties and events we have been catering. In the next few weeks I will have everything completed and be up and runnning in our new location. I hope to have the time to go through some of the equipment we have purchased, as well as the ones on my WISH list. And I also hope to show some of the dishes and recipes I am using for some of our upcoming events.

Part of starting this blog was through inspiration from some of the blogs I read regualrly (see side bar). I intend to do some recipe preparation from some of the great cookbooks available right now, as well as some variations on those recipes. I really hope we can get some dialogue going to improve these ideas as well as expand on them. And, as I am truly passionate about all things food, I will be going to local markets, meeting the purveyors, and the chefs who swear by them — all in an effort to show the Nations Capital's rich bounty.

I will also try to visit one restaurant per month, and review it for you. There are many to choose from in both Ottawa and Gatineau. Along the way we can hopefully have some dialogue with the chefs and owners of the above mentioned restaurants. And maybe some of their inspirations as well.

I hope you enjoy all I plan to offer. And if you have ideas for this site please feel free to comment and offer suggestions.