Sunday, August 15, 2010

Franken Food Cocktail Party

October 31st. 8pm.
430 Parkdale Ave "The Engine Room"
Cost: $50.00 All inclusive

Come celebrate Halloween with Essence Catering. We will be holding a cocktail part reception featuring "Franken Food".
This may sound outrageous, and it probably will be. We will be creating bites with some serious wow and scare. It will surely be a cocktail party to remember.
Make sure to dress up. No costume, no food for you!

Direct message me on Twitter for your reservation @chefjayl

See you there.....

Monday, August 9, 2010


PIcs from "SMOKE"

Here are the pics from Thursdays dinner. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Smoke Dinner

Ok so here's the rundown of Thursday night's menu: SMOKE. This dinner will be performed by myself and Micheal Hay of the courtyard. We brainstormed last night over a few too many beers and came up with this menu. We do so wish you like it.
Remember this explores smoke as a flavour/aroma/ and a visual cue.


Black tea smoked salmon sashimi with carrot and daikon, lemon and soy

Smoking jacket a la tobacco blackberry


Smoked and seared diver scallop/ avocado mosaic/ margarita/ lime cells


Smoked corn chowder


Vanilla parsnip sorbet with smoked salmon roe


Brined and roasted pork belly/ edamame wonton/ smoked ham hock broth


Smoked and seared duck breast/ smoked fingerlings/ plum/ pistachio/ and scallion


Fruit salad/ many textures and flavours.

It will be held in the courtyard at 430 Parkdale ave. Being that there seems to be a bit if rain in our forecast, we will set up a tent for cover. OUr first dinner of this supper club will be free of charge. If you were lucky to get a seat, well count yourself as lucky. This should be a meal to remember. And a great one tog et the ball rolling on this new venue for myself and Essence Catering. We will not be hosting a bar this time around and will ask all patrons to bring something they would like to share with those attending. I will not be doing a pairing for this one. Rather I would like to see what shows up. Lets keep it light and fun. Also there will be another function on site this evening as some of the artists are part of the walking tour.
Also please keep in mind there is not parking enough for all on site. It would be better to park either on Wellington or at the Parkdale market and walk up. Less than a block. OUr sign will be out front, and you won't miss it.
Also please give Micheal a big thank you on twitter @michealthehay , he deserves it. This was fun to plan. I only hope the implementation is as fun.

See you there,