Friday, February 15, 2008

Are you manic for organic?

Last night I watched a program on the Food Network. It was about a somewhat manic organic who brings fast food loving folk to his his farm in an effort to help change their ways. After seeing a couple of commercials previewing the show, I had to see it. It was very well done, and the host was quite amiable. A lot of info for the average person to gobble up, but the point was well made. After just one short week several of the shows participants shied away from mass produce poultry altogether. That was really great, providing it would last into the future (they were revisited a month later and were still on the bandwagon). Pity the show is airing at 11pm, well after most people have gone to bed. You would figure if they wanted to have an impact they would air it in prime time. Who really needs to see another kitchen makeover anyways.
The whole thing got me wondering how many of you out there actually shun the mass produced food industry and what percentage are buying free range and organic. I have for several years now tried to feed my family and my customers a higher quality product. But price is something we all deal with in our own ways. In the show organis is shown to be as cost effective as the mass produced product. But that cost effectiveness only kicks in if you purchase whole birds and use it ALL. Something I believe is hard for the average 2 income family to achieve coming throught the door at 5 or 6pm, and wanting to eat near instantly. It is a dilemma that affects us all.
So what do "you" do? Do you spend the extra money on an ethically raised or grown product? Does the fact that on almost all cases it's a more healthful foodstuff make a difference to you? I really want to know. I am trying to make my company's focus all organic. But as I said before it comes at a price, that inevitably the consumer will have to pay for in the end. Your participation here will help me, and hopefully others to serve to a higher standard.
Thank you

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Double cut flank steak

I was reminded of an idea I was working on from a Alex and Aki at Ideas in Food. They had cut and stacked a skirt steak with Transglutiminase. I had a while back glued a flank steak in a similar way. Today I revisited the idea in 2 different forms. Both dishes had all the same elements, but one became a soup or starter course, the other a small main. Smoked chilli rubbed double cut flank with corn and lima succotash, black beans and avocado quennelle. I really liked the taste both ways. You decide.