Saturday, October 31, 2009

10/30/09 tasting dinner

Last night we had the pleasure of serving a tasting menu from a beautiful kitchen, to a great group of people. Here are the dishes (sorry for the crappy pictures. They were taken from my phone). We hope to be serving them again in the near future.

Confit of pork belly with little neck clams and a saki spiked dashi broth
Seared spice crusted Salmon, tataki style with avocado sorbet, jalapeno and red onion salsa, cilantro jus and avocado pudding
Cappuccino of sweetbreads with roast porcini, veal stock glaze, and porcini foam
Roasted root vegetable salad with mixed greens, blood orange vinaigrette, and fried parsnip
Spiced butternut squash soup shooter
Foie gras poutine (because sometimes you just need a poutine, albeit a very expensive one).
Bison tenderloin cooked sous vide with sunchoke puree, fava, corn and tomato salsa and cabernet reduction
White chocoalte and cranberry pavee with pistachio sorbet, pistachio brittle, white chocoalte snow and creme anglaise

Was a great success. even with the great kitchen set up, I still could have used a couple more burners. Can't have everything I guess.

Thanks to our hosts.
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