Thursday, June 25, 2009

New ingredients and dishes

It's been a while since I played with some new ideas in the kitchen. After a slow start to the year, things have ramped up to be as busy as I would want. Which of course leaves little time to come up with new dishes. Well after a week of studying some of my favorite blogs, I have come up with some ideas I would like to explore. From Playing with fire and water I found freeze dried corn bars. These would be unbelievablel as a base to pulled pork (I know summer and BBQ really taints my brain). Cut into small circles wrapped with pancetta and topped with some twice cooked pulled pork. MMMMM. I hope it tastes as good as it sounds.
From Chadzilla I foud his idea on Sour cream fluff had lots of potential again as a base to a canape. I was thinking of a flavored smoked salmon (using the smoking gun) could be topped over the fluff with a grating of frozen jalapeno. This one seems a little more experimental but we shall see.
I hope to have some time this afternoon to work on these. We shall see.

New Goodies.

I have been known to make frivilous kitchen purchases over the years. but this one was not one of them. While walking through Home Depot the other day, I stumbled by the BBQ section. Not one to buy BBQ's at box stores I only half paid attention, until. What was that I just saw. A Webber with a nice sized composite side table. Hmmm. Must check this out. What! Are you Kidding! This thing lights the charcoal for you. NO WAY. Brilliant. Someone has finally addressed all the issues most people have with charcoal. This really is a great Q and for the price it's my pick for best all round Q under $800.00 (and this one costs about half that). Will post pic soon. Well worth investigating and investing in one.

BBQ Classes

Well another year of BBQ classes have begun. We have had two grilling classes to date, and they have both been great. We will still offer up 2 more grilling classes and two more advanced classes. One will be on smoking and all the things you can do with this wonderful method. And the second will be an advanced grilling class that will allow the participants to create an entire plated meal from their Q. I have many requests for recipes from previous classes( I am getting to it Mario). I will be posting these recipes and more on the this blog in the coming week. So stay tuned.