Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Work

Well the New Year is here now and it's time to go back to work. OUr Christmas season was our best yet, and we hope thats a great sign for '09. With a little time off to restart the batteries, I feel we are going to create some really interesting dishes this year. We finally got our order from Le Sanctuaire. It was full of a lot of great products that we haven't had the chance to play with yet. If you have tried any of these, let us know how it went...
ultratex 3
citric acid
a whole pile of tapiocca maltodextrin (used this alot)

I look forward to coming up with all kinds of new bites for our cocktail menu with these. And what will be our inspiration? Well we got "The Big Fat Duck" cookbook, and it is full of info on not just the dishes themselves but the thought process that went into each dish. We continue to call the Alinea cookbook "The New Testament". And another find (my sous chef got this one) DC DUBY's book. THis one has many great and simple ideas and techniques to play with.
My New Years resolution was to post more regularly. We are now devoting Mondays to new dishes and blog posting. So there should be more activity on the blog this year. We hope to get a new digital camera for better pics.

Stay tuned.....