Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cycle Logik Party

Here is a fun pic of the prep going into our canapes set up for Friday nights Cycle Logik spring sale event. This was a little different than the normal art show party. But it was fun none the less.
Not in my usual chef garb. It was little more informal on Friday. And really after setting out the bites I really wanted to enjoy the party. If you weren't there, be sure to attend the next one. It's always fun.

Shrimp and chorizo paella cake with romesco
Tuna tartar in Lebanese Cucumber with avocado and chili
Pork shoulder confit with polenta and Caramel apple BBQ sauce
Ratatouille in phyllo with goat cheese mousse
Seared rare tenderloin with black olive, blue, and fennel candy


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turkey thigh with morels and black trumpets

Seems I have trumpet and morel mushrooms around a fair bit lately. Leftovers for chef dinners are always nice. This one was tasty.

Do you know what I am?

The first person who can tell me what this is, gets it. Go.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


If you're like me, Sundays are all about the left overs cringing in the corners of your fridge. For me it's especially so, as Essence is usually closed on Mondays, so lots to get rid of. Today I had to get a pork shoulder that was curing into the oven. At the same time I did a quick scan of food lurking in my commercial fridges.
I think I came away in spades. Another easy Sunday of cooking for the family. Today we nosh on polenta lasagna with pancetta, 6cheeses, sundried tomato cream, chili stewed cherry tomatoes, and a sweet balsamic reduction.
Was pretty freakin tasty. I hope you enjoy your Sunday meal.

Roasted poblano avocado sauce

I stumbled onto this idea a couple of weeks ago. I had read somewhere about a sauce with poblanos and avocados and it just stuck in my head. I needed to try it out on something. Well the pork belly the other night was just the right moment. And boy was I glad I did. This is my new fave sauce. Tangy, smokey, really great mouthfeel, and a consistency that allows for alot of different plating techniques. It was perfect with the pork belly as it cut through the unctuousness of it. But I had a bunch left over. What was I to do with it.
The first idea was to see how it would do as a pasta sauce. The thought was to just add a little cream and check it out. DAMN. You need to make this sauce.

1 poblano, blistered over a flame and peeled.
1 lrg. avocado

Pretty simple no. Put the peeled and seeded chili in a container with the avocado. Blitz with an immersion blender. Season with salt and pepper. If you ar egoing to use it as is as sauce for a meat or seafood dish, just give it a small squeeze of lime and maybe a pinch of smoked paprika.
If you are using it as a pasta sauce, add enough cream to reduce to a sauce that will stick to your desired pasta. Omit the lime. Opt here for a squeeze of lemon at the very end.
Enjoy. I have, and will continue to make this sauce. BTW it's even good cold.

Pork Belly

I love pork belly. I mean I really love pork belly. Cooking it just makes me happy. These days I have two preparations that I seem to fall back on over and over. Both start with a salt cure. Usually 3parts salt 1part sugar, and the addition of some flavours based on the finished product. For this one we had a cure with hickory smoke flavouring, garlic, and an assortment a ground dried chilis. After 24 hr cure it was rinsed and dried. From there it went into the sous vide bag and into 180degree water bath for 14hrs.
The finished product was sublime. Brushed with a glaze of rum bbq sauce
We paired it with a creamy center polenta cake. Sauteed aspiration. And the most awesome sauce of roasted poblanos and avocado. This sauce was sheer beauty. What a nice tang and mouth feel. Thinking tomorrow we are going to make it into a pasta sauce.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shrimp Gnocchi

So in keeping with our new format of POST POST POST. Here is a dish we did up for dinner from left overs from this weeks events. We had these stellar shrimp that our fishmonger told us we had to try. Only guy in town with them. Patagonian sustainable (though it is being trucked form Patagonia, so prob. not environmental) jumbo shrimp. According to him they are the closest thing to prawns he's seen. I think if I want prawns I don't go looking for shrimp alternatives, but hey, they're free so we need to make something of them.
I was going to use some leftover chicken thigh confit, which was truly deliscious. The idea was something quick and sinful. Gnocchi with gorganzola cream sauce, some left over black trumpet mushrooms, the ever present pancetta. We now subbed the shrimp for the chicken.
Super tasty. And a little lighter than the chicken would have been.