Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shrimp Gnocchi

So in keeping with our new format of POST POST POST. Here is a dish we did up for dinner from left overs from this weeks events. We had these stellar shrimp that our fishmonger told us we had to try. Only guy in town with them. Patagonian sustainable (though it is being trucked form Patagonia, so prob. not environmental) jumbo shrimp. According to him they are the closest thing to prawns he's seen. I think if I want prawns I don't go looking for shrimp alternatives, but hey, they're free so we need to make something of them.
I was going to use some leftover chicken thigh confit, which was truly deliscious. The idea was something quick and sinful. Gnocchi with gorganzola cream sauce, some left over black trumpet mushrooms, the ever present pancetta. We now subbed the shrimp for the chicken.
Super tasty. And a little lighter than the chicken would have been.

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