Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pork Belly

I love pork belly. I mean I really love pork belly. Cooking it just makes me happy. These days I have two preparations that I seem to fall back on over and over. Both start with a salt cure. Usually 3parts salt 1part sugar, and the addition of some flavours based on the finished product. For this one we had a cure with hickory smoke flavouring, garlic, and an assortment a ground dried chilis. After 24 hr cure it was rinsed and dried. From there it went into the sous vide bag and into 180degree water bath for 14hrs.
The finished product was sublime. Brushed with a glaze of rum bbq sauce
We paired it with a creamy center polenta cake. Sauteed aspiration. And the most awesome sauce of roasted poblanos and avocado. This sauce was sheer beauty. What a nice tang and mouth feel. Thinking tomorrow we are going to make it into a pasta sauce.

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