Monday, December 15, 2008

Smoking Gun

smokedsalmon, originally uploaded by essencecatering.

teasmokedsalmon, originally uploaded by essencecatering.

salmonbite, originally uploaded by essencecatering.

It's about time that we get to play with this thing. We've had it in the kitchen for a couple of weeks now. Just sitting on a shelf taunting us to go and give it a try. Well today that moment arrives. We are going to lightly smoke some salmon sashimi and then roll it up with some carrots and daikon. Then it goes on a stick, like all good food should. The flavor for our smoke will be Lhapsang Souchong (a Chinese black tea), it has a smokey flavor to begin with and should complement our salmon sashimi. The carrots and daikon will be seasoned with some mirin, ginger, shiso, and sesame oil. Top it all off with a sauce of teryaki and balsmic, Hawaiian black salt and grains of paradise. Perfection....maybe not , but tasty all the same. Sorry for the crappy pics, still figuring out how to take good ones.
Whatever will we do with this thing next?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cycle Logic

This is one party i really look forward to. A combination of my food and art on the walls. I always feel really goof to put my food into those settings. We try and go the extra mile to compete with the other artists present. This time was no exception. The feedback was great and fun was had (and still being had) by all. I would like to thank all those present and of course my friends from Cycle Logic (who really know how to throw a party). PHG (only those following my triathlon traininng blog will know him) has been a real positive influence in my life lately and for that I make sure he gets the most for his dollar. I thank you as always Ian. I hope you had as much fun as I. And really where do you get all those really great looking bartenders anyways. believe me a total joy to show up again. Till next time.