Monday, November 30, 2009

New Arrivals

With the cost of shipping across the US border. Buying some of the products we use to achieve the textures and finshed products we have on our menu, gets very expensive. DC Duby, the pastr chefs extraordinaire of BC have a line of products that they sell. So having found them I acquired some of their wares.

First thoughts are: Great a Canadian company selling some of the stuff I crave. But unfortunately the sizes are pretty small and the line is limited. That means I still have to order from the States where I can get the stuff I need in sizes that make more sense.

I have not had sodium alginate or calcium gluconate for quite some time in the kitchen. So this seemed like a great time to buy some. We will have to see what fun stuff I can make from these. In fact instead of some of my ow creations (which undoubtably we will do) I have been waiting for calcium gluconate for a while so I can make some of the stuff from Heston Blumenthals book.

Well next down day in the kitchen looks to be a fun one for sure.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

St. Jacques Dinner

Thanks to the hosts of a party we catered last night. Some random shots of the dinner taken from my phone. We had a last minute vegetarian show up. Some dishes needed modifying to make this happen. Thankfully their fridge adn pantry was relatively well stocked.

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Gold Medal Plates

Congrats to Chef Carmicheal of 18 and Social for his third place finish at the National Gold Medal Plates competition. I hear he won the black box competition hands down. Ottawa has much to be proud of for him. Really well done Chef.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Upcoming Events

This week we will be providing food for Candlelighter Foundation event at WallSpace Gallery. The jewelry show is beneffiting children with cancer. So get out and buy some unique jewelry for that someone special. And enjoy some bites that we try and make jewel like in their presentation. THursday evening from 6-8pm at WallSpace Gallery.
On Dec. 5 we will be serving canapes at one of our favourite ongoing events. Cycle Logic hosts an evening of art, alcohol, and comeradery, and of course food as beautiful as the art and the bikes that line the walls. the event runs from 8- till the art is sold and the food and booze are gone. Ok so the food never lasts till the end. If you want to eat some of our very best bites come early. And don't forget to support our local artists at the same time. And hey who doesn't need another bike.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leftover tuna

One extra portion of Sushi tuna to use up.
Seared tuna with prickly ash, grapefruit, citrus butter, and quick pickle (green papaya, carrot, daikon, red onion)
Really tasty with a big hit of menthol or maybe camphor from the prickly ash coating. Really opens up all the buds on the tongue. I like this one. Will make it again, but a stellar wine pairing is needed.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Some new reading

I have picked up some new books in the last week. Time to get that last bit of reading in before I am too busy until New Years. Momofuku and Ad Hoc at Home. Keller and Chang. Made for an interesting weekend of reading. First off, Thomas Keller can make the most inspiring creations from what may be lurking in your refrigerator. It is certainly inspiring to remember that family meals can be every bit as tasty and elaborate (in preparation not presentation) as any of the fine meals I serve. Some interesting methods for the home cook. A book I would give to friends or good customers as a thank you. Highly recomended.
Chang's Momofuku is alsoa fun read. One part Korean cookbook one part Anthony Bourdain styled commentary. A really good read. And to find out he has been purchasing pre made steamed buns. His buns have been called the best there is. Funny that all kinds of restaurants have had the best there is, just a phone call away. Who knew. The recipes rock. I have always had a predilection towards Asian food. You cook what you know and that's what I ate growing up. I will have to make a couple of my faves from this book and post them here. Aside from some time preparing and doing the smoking, much of this book is simple and straight forward. Easily done from the average home kitchen and cook.
Almost forgot I also picked up Maze by Bozo the Clown (ok it's really by Gordon Ramsey). The TV persona and the real chef are quite a bit different from each other (but no less brash and abbrassive). This book actually impressed me. I really like his clean straightforward food presentation. Simple rules the day, ofcourse with elaborate preparations. This book would be welcome in the seasoned home cooks bookshelf. IF you like seafood I find his fish preparations are simpe, clean and pure of flavor. I will also have to make one or two of these recipes and post them.
Heres hoping Santa finds a few gems in the bookstore and puts them under my tree.
Happy reading and cooking.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall food

With the fall in full swing and winter just around the corner. It's time for some more hearty foods. This is really my favourite time of the year. So without further ado, it's time for confit of everything. Starting with both pork belly and duck legs.
Here is a pick of some curing duck legs. What we will do with it remains to be seen. Check back often as I will be using them relentlessly.

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crab cakes

Just messing with crab cakes today. Had some left over from a dinner, and you just can't let that go to waste. Nice appetizer dish. Will try to make chinese soup spoon size for a canape. Hope it still works as the taste was great.

Golden tomato gaspacho
Chili spiked crab cake
Avocado mousse

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